Mapping Writing: Literary and Cultural Topographies

MappingWriting is a scholarly website which enables scholars, students and researchers to map cultural topographies in particular cultural works, or groups of works, mapping the places represented, the journeys taken, and the geo-cultural references within works, and to correlate them with the places inhabited and visited by their authors. It also allows the mapping of authors’ lives. Other forms of mapping will be enabled in response to demand.

MappingWriting was first established in 2010-11 when digital cartography was just becoming interesting and possible. At that time it was being developed by Robert Clark (then at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, now retired) and Kirsti Bohata and the Centre for Research into the English Literature and Language of Wales at the University of Swansea. Their work was supported by Ian Gregory and David Cooper of the University of Lancaster who developed Mapping the Lakes with Sally Bushell. Work was suspended in 2012 because we wished to rewrite the entire software. Unfortunately we only managed to find time for this in 2017, but that task is now accomplished so scholarly input to the site is going forward again.

The second incarnation of MappingWriting is being directed by Robert Clark and Emmanuelle Peraldo (Université Lyon 3). Scholars, including researchers and graduate students, who would like to take responsibility for developing a project, or who wish to create maps for particular works or authors, are warmly invited to get in touch.

MappingWriting, its software and contents, is funded by and belongs to The Literary Encyclopedia, a scholar-owned reference resource which is available by individual or institutional subscription. All information and procedures published on the site are © to The Literary Encyclopedia.